Wednesday, January 4, 2012

::2011 review::

Well, the year did not get off to a good start.  At 18 weeks pregnant we went in as a family to hear the babies heart beat and we found out he no longer had one.  I don't want to dwell on it, link if you want deets.  After he was born I took a month off work to recover.  I was looking forward to getting lots done while I was on leave - but my mental and physical state did not allow it.  I really didn't even have the energy to throw Max a birthday party but my amazing inlaws picked up the slack and threw him a great family party.  I'll make it up to you this year buddy.  I did manage to make his cake.  We got a new pregnant Momma goat and Lily had a blast making birdseed valentines for her friends.   

I began a quest to distract myself as much as possible.  I started planning a major garden and I got to help my friend Hannah plan a wonderful Harry Potter party - I can't wait to have one for Max and/or Quinn.  (Next year???)  I did lots of craigslisting and took Max on an adventure to buy some rad old lockers that are going to be perfect in he and Quinn's room. 

In March things started to get progressively better for me and my mental recovery.  Our baby goat was born and I had to give in goat CPR to save its little life - she is still doing great.  I am so very glad she lived.  Emma had an adorable birthday party, the first one at our house.  Every teenager needs a solid fashion party. 

In April we got a new puppy, the prettiest little red husky that we named Luna.  That was such a nice little dog.  I really went ape-shit-crazy over my distraction garden and planned out a major affair.  I couldn't wait to get started.  Even in the cold I was out there prepping and waiting to plant early crops like spinach. 

Josh started my Sukkah.  It's just so pretty.  I can't wait to finish it this year.  I put together Miss Lily's tea party.  She had a wonderful time.    I finally gave up on trying to stay at my old job full time.  I get a little teary eyed just thinking about it.  I really miss it. 

I found out that I was pregnant again at the beginning of the month.  I kept it quiet longer than I usually do.  I was still so very afraid.  I also got past my old due date in mid June.  It was a good thing to get past.  It was so nice to have my Lily home with me again.  I hate her being in school, I miss her too much.  Max ended up in the ER with an eye infection obtained while falling off Hannah's porch. 

July was ruled by swimming and getting ready for fair.  I gardened like crazy and felt tired every day from the new pregnancy. 

We had some wonderful fun at the lake.  I just love summer.  I had to wear a bikini because my belly will not fit in a one piece.  Lily went back to school and Max got to start his first day of preschool.  I was so sad to send them back to school.  There joy over the summer was addictive to be around.  Lily and I got to make a great craft project with melted crayons.  Loved it.   

I had a wonderful time finding out that our little baby was a boy, I felt such relief.   We used a gender cake to share the moment with our friends and kiddos.  I am so glad we did this.  I found a china cabinet and redid it for Lily's dolls.  Lily turned 8 and had a drive in movie party.  It turned out well and got done on a budget.    We had out self-invitathon and my face hurt from laughing. 

I turned 34 and I still hate birthdays, but only my own.  We had our best trip ever to Disney.  It was also our longest.  Too long financially but wonderful.  The kids had a blast for Halloween and I started cross training to the ER.  Lily and I made a journey to Chicago and had lots of fun together.  I only wrote four blog posts that whole month.  The least I have ever written in a month since I started my blog.  I had some writers block and baby tiredness.   

Max spent some quality time in time out at Lowes.  I kept going with my ER training and really fell in love with it.  I sadly gave up on making my Lily wear what I want and let her take over.  One way or another.  Gulp.  Max started flag football and Lily began a basketball program.  And the belly grew and grew. 

An old trumpet found its was home.  We had our best Christmas ever.  I felt prepared and peaceful and excited about the whole thing.   The weather here has been bizarrely warm and the kids have actually been enjoying themselves outside still.


  1. You're such an amazing person!

  2. It sure has been an eventful year for you both good and bad. I pray you will have a year of good fortune ahead. It sure will be fun to welcome the little one and see what you will come up with in your garden. And as my favorite party planner I am excited to see what parties you will create this year.



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