Thursday, February 3, 2011

::Max's family birthday::

This man turned three on Jan 31

With current events he did not get the usual crazy Brooke style party.
He really is too young any way.

But Josh's parents decorated their house and they gave this little man the best family party ever.


And so did I.  When I walked in their house and saw all the effort and love...
I cried.  I was so thankful for them. 

I just love rainbow colors.  
Brings happiness to my soul. 

Lily found herself in the Ikea bag I brought to take home the loot. 

Both girls could fit.
Little skinny butts.

My favorite picture.  

I made the cake.   

Every one had an amazing time.  
Really what a party should be. 

Don't worry.  I loved this party for my three year old man.  He was not overwhelmed and neither was I.  But I am planning Lily's 8 year old party already.  The best freaking science party ever. 


  1. aaaah i love sweet family birthday parties! joy joy and happy birthday, Max!

  2. I love planning parties! I really just got into doing them this year when I put quite a bit more into my daughters party than the usual store bought cake and no decorating. Super excited about my boys western theme at the creek this year! Have a great day girl!

  3. Looks like a great party. The cake turned out really cute!



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