Thursday, February 17, 2011

::pesto pizza::

I made pizza. 
I don't usually put cooking stuff up here because I don't feel I have any room to give cooking tips.
I am usually pretty darn mediocre at it.
But I made this thing and we LOVED IT!!!
The dough recipe really is easy.  For real.  When people who really cook say easy I don't believe them.  But good old Annie over at Annie's eats has not steered me wrong yet.
Then make it.
I made her dough them put on a layer of pesto, spinach, tomato's sliced thin, fresh mozzarella, feta, chives, and I threw olives on Josh's half. 

 Then I made each kid there own mini pizza with tomato sauce and cheese.

Here is my pizza all cooked up.  

We devoured it.  Can't wait to make another one.  

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