Wednesday, February 9, 2011

::bird ice::

After we made our class valentines we had some left over bird seed and I saw this link for frozen sun catches over at Family Fun.  
And these house bound kids needed a craft. 

All you do is sprinkle in bird seed and anything else you want.  We did a little bit of crayon shavings for color and for Max to practice fine motor skills. 

I obviously had to limit Max to a small bowl of bird seed but he did a great job with it.  
We poured in a little water and then froze them for a few hours.  
Then added a second layer of water a bird seed.
We used a plastic juice cup set in the pan to make the whole for the ribbon.  
When they were frozen solid we ran them under hot water to get them out of the pans. 

Then put a ribbon through them and hung them from the trees.  

Then fell directly on my butt.  
My camera took this picture when it hit the ground.  
I thought it was broken and I almost lost it.
The flash pop up is broken.  But I can live with that.
Gives it character.

It took this picture of my baby once I got up.  

Then she fell on her bum while I was taking this picture.
We had enough of ice that day.
But still had a good time making something pretty for the garden we can't wait to get back into. 


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  1. These are great! Thanks for the 'pinspiration'! I linked this page to my blog post today...
    I make the things I've pinned and then blog about them. Check it out! THANKS!!



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