Friday, October 23, 2009

F U Swine Flu

I had to go into work yesterday (no more PTO) and I knew in my little Mom heart that Lily wasn't going to make it through the day at school. But like the super responsible parent I am not I sent her to school anyway. Great parenting! On my break at work to get my H1N1 vaccine I called her school to check in, they told me she had just walked in the door to the nurses office. Poor little thing! Fever and aches. Typical flu stuff. I called every member of the universe but no one could go get her. Then I called my guardian angel Alyssa. That kid has proven to be such a blessing to me. If I win the lottery I am buying her a Prius. She picked up Lily, took her to the doctor, took her to lunch, dropped off the scripts, and picked up Max (And answered my 35 texts). All with no notice. I seriously love that kid. She is so reliable. What 19 year old can be trusted so? Not I. I was a piece of crap gold card welding BRAT at that age. I could barely be trusted with a dog.

But no worries folks. Lily is doing great. I made her a schedule card like I do at work and have been going through her breathing treatments and many meds all day. The doctors decided to put Max on tamiflu as well because of his age. It was nice to spend the day at home with them. But the saddest news of the day is we decided to cancel Lily's Halloween party. What a bummer! I was really excited about it, but I saved all the stuff and we will just blow it out next year. She was brave about it. I just want her to get healthy for DISNEY on Monday.

Side note - Mr Max has this little car from the show Cars. It is a low rider car with a Mexican accent. When you push it around it says "low and slow". He spent at least a solid half hour on the ground with me pushing it. It would say "low and slow", I would say "low and slow", then he would say "no n ow". OVER AND OVER AND OVER. He was being so cute. I haven't seen him really try to say anything. He was cracking up. Very proud of himself.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Let it begin. I am excited to be sucked into the word of blogging. I am trying to not just make this a shrine to the kiddos, but we all know that is a lie.

Please enjoy this video of max vs donk


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