Thursday, March 31, 2011


 This man went to the dentist for the first time.

 He had a good time checking everything out.  

 He got pretty close at putting on his own glasses.

 He humored the girl in every way - except he would not lean all the way back in the chair or open his mouth.  

But after many promises of toys from the treasure chest he finally opened his mouth and allowed the actual work to be done.  

I had to sneak pictures on my iPhone so excuse the quality.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

::red velvet heart cake::

 I got this idea from Be Different Act Normal
 I made three nine inch red velvet cakes. 

 I cut a heart shape out of ugly scrapbook paper and then cut that shape out of each circle cake.

I iced them together.  

Covered the whole thing with icing.  

Then used the extra cake from cutting the heart shape to make the crumb coat. 

This cake was EASY and looked great. 
It was perfect for Emma's 13th birthday. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

::fashion party::

My little Emma turned 13.  Holy crap.  Seriously - that kid was 2 when I started dating her dad.  How can she be 13?
Her Mother and I joined forces to throw her the best party we could do.  She only gave me two weeks to plan the whole thing, so it had to be a something we could do with in that time.  Emma is CONSTANTLY mugging for the camera so we all three decided that a fashion shoot party was the way to go.   

Jenni (Emma's mom) picked these take home crafts for 10 cents a piece!!
Amazing deal. 
Max found his best fashion and help try out some of the props.  

 Then he helped me decorate the chalkboard.

 Here is the before picture of the play room.  
We wanted to transform it into our makeup and hair studio.

 We set two tables down the middle of the room and added all the makeup supplies we could think of.
THANKS ERIKA for all the mary kay samples~  the girls loved them.
 It was a big mess by the end of the night, but the girls had a blast.
Jenni's sister and sister inlaw did makeup.
 The hair dresser busted it all night to give the girls great hair styles.
She was a splurge at $150, but Jenni and I both felt she was worth it.

 We set up a large mirror that was from our old bathroom demo.
It's been sitting behind my dresser for 2 years.  Good thing it finally came in handy. 

 Lily was kept busy turning the cups into towers.
She LOVED it.
 Then she made a sign that she held at the end of the driveway while she screamed and sang to the in-driving party guests. 

 Jenni set up the treat table. 

 I made the red velvet cupcakes.  

 The cake was a red velvet cake with a crumb coat.  
I saw it on a blog around valentines and I have been dying for an excuse to make it.  
I will post a tutorial ASAP.  


 Lizzie did a great job keeping an eye on things.
For some reason the girls kept calling her Oscar.  
I thought it was adorable. 

 The family room got converted into a photo studio.
Each girl got a disc off all the fashion pictures to take home.
 I was the photographer.  
I don't like doing indoor pictures but we had plenty of spotlights and I did the best I could with it.  
We had a Hawaiian and/or summer background. 

 A winter background. 
I didn't want to creep anybody out, so I am only posting pictures of my kids and Shealyn
Shealyn = Josh's exwife's boyfriends daughter.  Who I help in 4H and I ADORE.  Same age as Emma. 

 And a black background - that Emma titled "Formal Wear"

The poses and background were not exactly the kind of pictures I love to do - but the whole point was make a bunch of 13 year olds happy with some tasteful pictures that they can put on facebook.  

We still have up the dressing room signs that Emma made.  
So cute.  

Overall - the party was super fun.  The girls had a total blast.  Including the cost of the hair dresser ($150) the entire thing with food and all was under $250.  We could have done it cheaper but the two week time constraint made bargain shopping not as easy.  



Friday, March 25, 2011

::goat debudding::

I am not really too sure about this de-horning thing.  
It makes me a little sad to take the cutest little thing in the world and give her giant marks right on her forehead. 
Plus they had to shave off her perfect little bangs to go it.  
I took her to the vet to have it done, because if done improperly it ends up like Bob.  

He was an at home debudding (goat term for dehorning) from his breeder
But it didn't go just right.
A few cells were left and now he grows these crazy little stumps.
Still handsome, but..

But registered pygmy goats have to be microchipped and debudded.
Total cost was $30 from the vet.  

ps- her chip number is 036-560-776
Just so I don't loose it.

Link here to learn about how debudding is done.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

::max update::

This man has found a preschool. 

Link here to read the post about my options.

We choose the public-ish one.  
Its before and after school care will work really well with our schedule. 

This curly headed goat herder has no idea what is in store for him. 

But obviously he needs some more stimulation.  


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