Thursday, March 17, 2011

::fashion party invite::

 Last minute parties blow my mind.  
When my 13 year old mother (I am the step monster), told me that she wanted to do Emma's party at our house this year AND IN ONLY TWO WEEKS I almost threw up.
I need months!
I am planning Lily's September party already.
I am WAY on her tea party in May.
But I sucked it up and got to work.  
Emma and I made this invites off party that I already had laying around.

 For some unknown reason I also had a pack of pink envelopes that were just right.
Emma wanted them to be fancy - so we printed out each girls name on them and added some sparkle. 

 Now, I just hope the party goes off as easy.
Sneak peak - we have a real hair dresser coming to do hair and I am taking their modeling photos.  

side note - this is a wonderful chance for me to chill out and not get overly stressed about a party.  Chill out and let the girls have a great time.  It's not about making the coolest treat table ever, its about the girls having a blast.  And celebrate the fact that a first wife and a current/second wife can come together and throw a party together.   
(BUT you can bet you rear that the tea party is going to be over the top.)

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