Monday, March 14, 2011

::why every artist needs a Megan::

 I have a friend named Megan.  She is the best.  I adore her for 100 different reasons.  I could write an entire blog about the merits of Megan - but the focus of this post is why I need her as an artist.  She inspires me.  

 She got her camera and she started shooting and then she started asking people "Can I do your family pictures?  Cheap?  Just for the experience?"  Because she actually cares about art.  She cared about stretching her mind to be a better photographer.

She is drawn to family photography because she loves capturing moments in time.  She loves giving the gift of a moment well captured in an emotional way.  An insight into the soul.  Stunning. 

 She is super talented and always helps me stretch myself into taking a different angle or a different depth of field.  She looks at the world through such a beautiful light that she can't help but capture it in her images.  I love it. 

She and I honestly and lovingly critique each others work.  With love and compassion we help each other grow.  We always tell each other when the other one capture THAT image, the one.  The picture that capture the moment and the person.  We call it "emotional response."   It's when you look at a picture and it makes you feel something strong.  Every time she does a shoot I look at it and have at least one true moment of emotional response.   Not every picture can do that.  And she helps me grow to make the ones that are close to it even better.  It is such a secret strength of mine to have someone who I respect so much as an artist that is also a good enough friend to give me her honest insight.  I email her every shoot I do before I show it to the family.  

Megan makes me a better photographer and even though she moved to Japan for a few years we are still doing a good job of staying in touch.  I can't wait for her to move home so we can start shooting weddings as a team. 

update - I wrote this before my precious Megs found herself in Japan during the largest earthquake they have ever had.  She is safe and says she is doing fine.  Check her blog for more info about her insight into this tragedy. 

Here is her blog now were she gives her stunning insight into life in Japan

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  1. You both are amazing and stunning photographers and I love being able to be blessed by you both to take photos for my family.



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