Friday, March 25, 2011

::goat debudding::

I am not really too sure about this de-horning thing.  
It makes me a little sad to take the cutest little thing in the world and give her giant marks right on her forehead. 
Plus they had to shave off her perfect little bangs to go it.  
I took her to the vet to have it done, because if done improperly it ends up like Bob.  

He was an at home debudding (goat term for dehorning) from his breeder
But it didn't go just right.
A few cells were left and now he grows these crazy little stumps.
Still handsome, but..

But registered pygmy goats have to be microchipped and debudded.
Total cost was $30 from the vet.  

ps- her chip number is 036-560-776
Just so I don't loose it.

Link here to learn about how debudding is done.  


  1. so why do they have to be debudded?
    does it hurt them?
    the horns never grow back?

    for some reason this is fascinating to me!

    you make me kinda want to get a goat! :o)

  2. Ok - I had her horn removed because I was told I had too. But after your question I looked it up some more. Oddly enough there is a great deal on the net about it. Good and bad.
    This link is strongly opposed.

    She didn't act like it hurt her afterward.

    They should never grown back.

    And every one could benefit from a goat. They have the best senses of humor.

  3. Were you there when they did the disbudding? They scream like babies. Our goats are just for home and not show so we opted out of disbudding. I had a hard time castrating our little buck and we "band" them. That is something else controversial.

  4. Interesting....this is an entirely new world to me (I grew up in Chicago- the only goats I ever saw were in a zoo!!!)! :o)

    I wonder if the landlord of our new house will allow us to have a goat?! hahaha! :o)



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