Wednesday, March 2, 2011

::bloggy bloggerson::

I have really loved this blog.  It has been wonderful therapy and great fun.

I have really enjoyed all the creative inspiration I find and the friends I have made.

I was playing around with my design settings today and just can't get the look I want.  I have this image in my mind of utter coolness that is just not really coming out.

I think I might have just outgrown the blogger design area.

It may be time to BEG a designer to make me a real layout.  

So - what do I do from here.  It's not like this is my business and I am trying to make an income at it.  

I really just write for the sake of getting it all out of my head.

But the layout -
I want a simple white background - it appeals to me
I want to keep changing my header every month, its fun
I want a real life button - maybe something with a atomic ranch-ish owl
I want to have the blogs I follow be a bit organized in sections
I need to get my labels under control - the list in too long
And my archives are about two miles too long (have I seriously done almost 40 posts in the month of Feb?  I am insane)

I have always like the layout over at clover lane

And I love the bright pictures but not overwhelming backgrounds at flowerpatch farm girl

But I love the rainbows over at pink and green mama

Throw some suggestions at me peeps?  Who can hook me up with a designer?


  1. I have used designer blogs ( they are reasonable, and do a great job. however, their waiting list is quite long.

    I also have a friend who designs blogs. her address is

    She does a great job and I know she could really use the money. Her son, Mason, is special needs and they have had a horrible struggle getting funding from the Canadian government to help get Mason's therapies (he has autism and Smith Magennis sp? Syndrome)

    Good luck! I can't wait to see the new design!

  2. I know what you mean. My blog needs an update but I honestly can't see paying some of the insane prices I have seen.



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