Wednesday, June 26, 2013

::magical road signs::

We have the signs hung!
This has been a side project since winter.
Every now and then I would get inspired and want to paint a sign or two.  Lily helped some, and we managed to have enough done to hang them up.  Of course Josh was in charge of construction - as usual.  The post is a junk tree that was straight enough to be sacrificed to the name of art.  Poor Josh had to hang signs while Lily and I nit picked each ones location and even made him move some around a few times. Quinny was happy to help.   

 Notice that Burk has burnt edges?  
Toothless is such a trouble maker. 

There is plenty of space to add more signs.  
Next on the agenda is Space Mountain.  

 And here is what happens when you take a babies drill away.  
Melt down. of the first projects I ever pinned on Pintrest was this one - I knew I had to make one.  How can we have this magical little farm and not have a magical whimsical kick A sign post?  I dug around one day trying to find the original source but could never located it.  I wanted to find out how they painted such perfect letters, did they use decals, stencil, what?  Then I found this link and I had the secret insider information.  I used her technique exactly and it worked.  Even Lily (age nine) could paint signs once I had traced the imprint.  It is really simple and much less time consuming than I initially feared.           

Thursday, June 6, 2013

::summer bucket list 2013::

We got out bucket list done.

Now we have to get on it.  


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