Monday, August 21, 2017


We got a new puppy..

Her name is Rose Marianne and she is a giant.  

Gus started off just barley tolerating her.  

Here she is in one of her early pictures compared with a few weeks later.  

She is a snuggle bug

I never saw a dog that loved the kids so much.  

Even Gus has fallen in love.  

Thursday, August 17, 2017

::curb appeal::

Our house when we bought it in November 2016.

Very first day on demo in April 2017.

Getting back the front door that was framed in under the walls from when it used to be a front door  
I KNEW it wanted its front door back.  

No front porch yet and the metal barn roof is still in place, but the brick is finally gone and its starting to shape up. 

The new roof went on and the little porch started to be shaped.  BUT the siding was the finishing touch.  I was so nervous about the siding, but I love it.  The look is right on, but the fact that this house does not have one single surface that is plumb or flush - it needed something different that traditional siding.  

Then the finishing touches started to go on the porch and I fell in love.  

Almost done!  Done enough to live in for sure!

Here it is right now.  Such a cute little place.  

To Do This Year:
Finish the siding
Define, mat, and mulch landscape beds
The door color is awesome BUT I just need it to be more orange - paint the doors orange 
     You can see our other color choices hanging out on the porch.  We will find the right one.  
Door kocker
Large front flower planters

Next Year:
Front flower boxes
Two rocking chairs

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

::august 1st-9th::

I got behind by three days, but some serious stuff has gone down.  We are DAYS away from move in.  I'm kinda freaking out.  

Counter tops went in.  They are exactly what I wanted.

The boys counter with trough sink is making me wish I put it in our bathroom.

Since all I cook is corn dogs this oven may be over kill. 
Ok - truth is the kids make their own corn dogs, and they use the microwave.

We tried painting our old fridge with chalkboard paint to use it in the pantry.
The kids loved it but overall it ended up looking big and sloppy.
Fail and remove.  Try again.

Lily's bed nook is almost all done.  Just the charging cut out to paint.  

Details like door knobs are getting finished up. 

Laundry sink went in.  

Drawer pulls are on. 

First day of school and they caught the bus from our house.
But - we still don't actually live there.  Soon.  

Best news of the week - this was the master vanity but it was damaged.  
After they sent a replacement the company let us keep it.  
The awesome contractors came up with the awesome idea of installing it in the pantry with a butcher block top.  
It looks like we meant to do it all along.  

Master bath is close to done.

Kitchen faucet went in.  

Boys bath continues to make me want to steal it.  

Doors got painted.  
I really wanted orange.  
I picked too red an orange. 
My fault. 
I think we will change them out for a more orange-ish orange.  

Part of the pantry shelves went in.  

Front details are going on.  

So much has been happening.  Tomorrow is habitability inspection, and if we pass we move might sleep there TOMORROW!!!!  It will not be done tomorrow.  Some details will still take a bit to finish up, but I just can't want to start living there.  

Sunday, July 30, 2017

::fourth week in july::

We are about to turn the corner towards the down hill slide here at the Funny Farm.  

Yellow paint went up in a few rooms.

The shower seat went in.  Its perfect in every way.

Lily's room got primed and trim got painted.  

Lily's room with the finished walls. 

The beams for the front porch are sitting their ready to go in.

The board and batten siding is going up.  

Max's bedroom and our front door with no hallway paint.  

The gas tank got moved out of the backyard.  

Front hallway got the first two coats of blue up

More of the blue hall

The siding keeps going on, and the front porch permanent beams got added.  Love that storm rolling in.  

Cutout next to Lily's bed is getting framed in.

Cooktop hood got framed in.

Side porch is mostly done.

Flooring is starting to go in.

Flooring in the kitchen and into the mud room.


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