Friday, October 13, 2017

::mudroom - salvaged cabinet::

This is a picture of one of the rooms in our barn from the first time we toured it.  See my cabinet across the back wall?  It had water dripping on it from a leaky roof and the bottom of it was eroding away to the point that it was only being held up by the open doors. 

Once I got the doors moving a little I started to really see how much potential this cabinet had. 

Josh got it out in the sun and I power washed it.  
 But I knew I was going to have to put some serious work into dealing with the spray paint.  

This was after some serious power washing. 

More power washing.   

And more work.  
Why did the paint so easily come off one side and not the other?

But I did finally get enough of the paint off the doors.  I never wanted it to look brand new, it has age and it should look it.   

Josh fixed the bottom of the cabinet and installed it.  

Here it is from the door as you walk in the house.   

The mudroom still needs lots more work but this cabinet gives us lots of storage.  

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