Friday, November 15, 2013

::two new babies and a mini road trip::

We got two new baby goats!
This little man is names Beast - because he is one massive little guy.  
We are so glad that we got hooked up with a good local breeder that is now supplying us with quality pygmy goats.  Since us breeding them was a nightmare, its nice to just go to someone elses farm and point at the ones you want.  

And here is our little girl - Delilah.
Her mom rejected her, so we bottle raised her.  
She might be the friendliest little goat we have ever had. 

She follows like a puppy dog.

And Beast is a snuggle bug too.  
The breeder is about an hour from us - so we made a little road tip out of it.

And look at the local candy store we found.
I had a salted caramel truffle that I wish I had 40 of. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

::travel journal::

We have recently opened our eyes as a family to the idea of the all feared ROAD TRIP.  

And we love it.  

We have been on two road trips this year and both where full of fun and adventure.  

Last minute as we where walking out the door I grabbed on of my special notebooks and started a Travel Journal.  

We treat it like a real scrapbook - not the kind that is common right now, but an old fashion scrapbook.  Full of the scraps that we pick up along the way.  A journal of our adventures.  We write a little bit about what we did that day and throw in a little something from each stop - a sticker, a ticket stub, a key card, whatever.  

I hope that one day when we have many of these books full to the brim the Shorties will think of this as a true family treasure. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

::halloween 2013::

The only time is sucks to be a farm kid is Halloween.
So we load up the crew and head to our closet town to trick or treat.  

How do you like Q's duct tape boots?

Josh carved himself a Mickey pumpkin.

Max carved his all himself.  

And so did my Lily.

 This guy was standing on a street corner pretended to be Micheal.  
He was one scary dude.  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

::disney 2013::

 We have learned to embrace the glory of the road trip.
Here is one of our stops - an animal rehab center in TN.  

Disney Mickey Mouse ice cream
 Q rides his first Disney ride - Pirates

 The new Gaston's Pub in Fantasy Land

 The Circle of Life

 The weather was overcast and cool.
Our safari was about twice as long as usual and we saw so many animals.  It was the best one we have ever been on.  

Ride home with a stop at the worlds largest peanut. 


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