Friday, November 15, 2013

::two new babies and a mini road trip::

We got two new baby goats!
This little man is names Beast - because he is one massive little guy.  
We are so glad that we got hooked up with a good local breeder that is now supplying us with quality pygmy goats.  Since us breeding them was a nightmare, its nice to just go to someone elses farm and point at the ones you want.  

And here is our little girl - Delilah.
Her mom rejected her, so we bottle raised her.  
She might be the friendliest little goat we have ever had. 

She follows like a puppy dog.

And Beast is a snuggle bug too.  
The breeder is about an hour from us - so we made a little road tip out of it.

And look at the local candy store we found.
I had a salted caramel truffle that I wish I had 40 of. 

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