Thursday, December 5, 2013

::all together again::

 We got our Donkey and Teddy back from my parents house.
They stay there ever summer and fall to let my pastures regrow.
But we missed them.  

 My silly little pygmy goats are happy as clams.
Grandma Willow is a big fat happy girl.  
I hope she has an easy winter, lovely old lady.

 Bruno left his sheep alone long enough to eat his body weight in apples.

 And our new fancy little baby wether - Beast, is living up to his name.  
What a guy.

 Annabelle can not leave me alone long enough to get a good picture.  
She is such a great girl. 

 And this rotten little baby - she may not be the perfect confirmational example I was hoping for but she is so sweet.  She and Annabelle are zippered to me all the time.   I am still struggling to find her perfect health.  She is just kind of weak and sensitive - hence the crusty eyes. 

 Obviously he is terrified of the dogs.
 And the green ducks are still extra green.  They are 100% free range now days.  But I give them a little food each night just to make them love me. 

 This crew is very happy my garden is done for the year because they are enjoying lots of free grazing.  The sheep and goats are best friends.  I pull the young goats to feed them, since sheep and goats can't share the same feed. (something about copper levels)

And here I am loaded down like a mama chimp.  Two rotten boys.  I can't believe it. 


  1. I sooooo love seeing your beautiful family grow (and expand in number)! ALL your babies look happy and loved! You make me want to get more critters even tho I keep swearing I should have fewer! Our goats bring me so much JoY despite some customers raised eyebrows when they rip chunks off my barn siding or chew a good leather halter etc! I AM still dreaming of getting a" blibbit" goat! ;-) Maybe when I get my kids into 4-H... Hope your holiday season is off to a wonderful start! xOxO!!



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