Wednesday, December 25, 2013

::Dec 2013::

 We went to visit Santa.
They had a real life reindeer!!  I was in love.  I thought seriously about talking Josh in to letting me have one.  

And then thought better of it.  But they are really cute.  

Max loved Santa.

Quinny not so much.

A selfie with the shorties is always a good thing.  

We made a little run to the Children's Museum.

And then the cupcake show.  

Emma is concerned that I am a mustard hoarder.

Max brought the charm to his first Xmas program.  
I have some pictures of Lily too (but mostly my shots where blocked by the kid next to her) - she brought her training as an actor to the stage.  
I wish I had a video of it.  It was top of the line.  

Quinn found his love for Cajun food.  

 Lily and I found a new local pizza place.  

 We set our personal world record for  most crap bought at the store.  Max thought this recepit had to be as long as Santa's list.  

And we are starting to more forward with Lily's room.  It is half girl and half Quinn right now.  We just need to bite the bullet and move the crib. 

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