Friday, January 23, 2015

::augustus - an update::

 This dog is the best dog ever!
I am in love.
He just gets it. 
Don't eat kids.
Protect chickens.
Stay home. 
Don't act like a nut.

He loves the cold.  
The colder it gets the happier he is.  

 Alberta has done a great job precepting him to farm life.  

Proof that he is gentle with the right animals.  

And he tolerates kid annoyances.  
Like dog spa day.   

I love that face. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

::fall gardening::

 This pretty little garden is my sanctuary.  
It was extra crazy this year, as we had a really good season here in zone five.  
I had planted really early in spring and had a bunch of blank dirt come August. 

 I let these lovely helpers work over the blank spots a bit, but they are such strawberry hogs and we do not share those well. 

  Once my powdery mildew had really killed off all my cucumbers (left side) I let the ladies work soil and then planted some winter wheat (behind the chickens).  I didn't want to lock up the girls but they are not really interested in letting wheat grow.   I covered the wheat with chicken wire and the girls let it grow.  This is a good cover crop to improve soil, but I wanted something to actually eat.  

I found every piece of chicken wire on the entire farm and tons of mowed grass clippings and created rows that had good protection from weeds and chickens.  
The tall cilantro on the end is cilantro that was finishing up from summer rotations. 
The little starts are kale and swiss chard.

What looks like baby grass is the spinach babies coming up.  

 We had just enough time before the really heavy frosts that it wall went crazy. 
It's the closest beds. 

 The rig job worked and the crazy chickens left it alone.  
We were harvesting kale, swiss chard, spinach, and the last of the cilantro well into November. 


Sunday, January 11, 2015

::around the funny farm::

Emma made a lovely new sign for our post some time ago and I finally remembered to ask Josh to hang it.  Notice the little bit of blue on the edges?  So pretty.  

This is one of my favorite little personal touches about our farm.  

Max keeps sitting in containers to watch the iPad.  Such a nut.  

 We brought Gus Gus in for a bath.  It was cold outside so we had to blow dry him.  
Then Max and Quinn covered him with blankets, made him a pillow, gave his goldfish, and found him a Youtube station called "Relaxing Music for Dogs".  


 Lily is obsessed right now with making melted crayons.  
She talked Max into helping her.  She is making some pretty cool looking stuff. 

Josh got a free frame for this Go Cart and found a cheap engine to put in it.  
The kids drove it the first day till it ran through two tanks of gas.

All of them love it.  It scares me to death, but they love it.  I see some serious helmets in their future. 

Friday, January 9, 2015

::barn quilt::

Oh do I love this new project!
A barn quilt.
 It all started out with some serious computer play time and some pintrest research.

 This was my original plan, but I knew it was going to be modified once it was actually painted.

I had a 4ft by 4ft piece of cabinet grade plywood that my father gave me from his stock pile of wood.

I primed four coats on all surfaces and drew my grid in pencil.  

The sample sizes of paint from Lowes worked perfectly for this project. 

I used a whole roll of painters tape to mark out my shapes one color at a time.  

This was my first point when I thought I was done, but the white didn't look right to me.  

 More orange saved the day.  

An oddly warm January day gave us time to seal it and hang it.  
Trim and sealing done by Josh.  

I climbed up there too!  Scared me to death.  But Josh did all the real work.  

I just couldn't love it more.  

It has been awhile since I really had the time or drive to make an awesome project and I am so happy with this one. 

The goats like it too.  

When they are not in a head lock.  

I feel so thankful for this Joshy that spends his days off doing crazy things like hanging up a barn quilt. 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

::christmas 2014::

We drug the crew plus cousin Caleb out to Christmas at the zoo.  
It was in celebration of Caleb's adoption day, or Gotcha Day as we call it.  

Cookie decorating was over iced by one and all.  

Quinny had to tell Unkle Jake and Daddy all about it.  

Then off to pet sharks while Josh had to hold Q back from jumping in.  

We made Grinch fruit kabobs to take to Josh's parents. 

This was my first stocking in at least ten years.  
Of course I picked it all out, so I loved it.  
See that pH meter?  I am going to use the tar out of that.  

Miss Emma got some pretty good stuff.
This phone case was a big hit.  
Then some flowered Doc Martens and a vintage coach bag. 
She has the coolest eclectic taste. 

Max had to endour some over smashing. 

He is so cute to watch open presents.  
He loves everything.  
His favorite presents where a used DS, helicopter, and NERF guns. 

We always do Christmas morning at our house then off the Josh's parents for the afternoon.  

Q got a sword that he demands be in his waist band at all times.  

Lily is is love with these crazy Shopkins.  She got a Kindle Fire from us and it attached to it.  
From Santa each kid got some books, a Lego set, a game, and something they wanted.  
Then they each get a gift from Josh/me and from each sibling.  
This is a total of 8 gifts at home.  

Right before we left our house Q took a Lego and made him swim in the banana bread.  We saved Lego Gandolf and fed the rest to the dogs. 

Emma got a Jammy Pack (fanny pack with speakers) and her life was filled. 

She still had to hug all the shapies I gave the girls. 


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