Sunday, September 1, 2019

::back porch of the cottage::

Our little house was such a sweet ball of potential when we found her.   She had been for sale for months, in a market where everything sold in a week or less.   Our sweet baby was shown 46 times!  She was just waiting for us to come along and scoop her up. 
The back of the house had no exterior door.  The window on the right was into a laundry room and the window in the center was into a bedroom that has been converted from a one car garage.  The lower brick  has been added at some point.   It was showing its poor construction, and was a hot mess.  I asked our builder about saving it and painting it, but she said is had to go.  

This was after we added the kitchen window and door.  All the brick and siding was gone at this point.   This was the point that we figured out that the layout of the mudroom was going to make me give up the right side window.   I was sad to give up a window but we added a bunch more.  

Her she is all polished up and almost ready for siding.  Please note that the left corner of the back of the house and the right corner are not square with each other.   We figured out that they are off by about 9 inches.  I like to think of this as old house charm.  Our builder very carefully told us about six times, that if we want a house that has level and plum surfaces we need to tear our baby down.   She's so cute that she can't go into a landfill.  So wavy floors and mostly straight lines it is. 

Siding going up with doors and windows in place. 

Here she is when we moved in.  Fresh and clean and ready to be part of the family.  

The deck begins.  

When I first saw this I was stubbed by how large the deck in.   The house is 2,000 square feet.   Not a big place for six people.   This deck seemed insanely large, in comparison.  

Look at that baby Max.   

Josh did the very center of the deck first and them game back to start filling in the sides.  

I was still nervous that the deck looked crazy large compared to the house, but I figured it would come together.   

Josh was the real designer of this deck.  He had this thought in his mind of what it would look like and he did all the work 100% himself.   

We got a free hot tub from our friend and Josh worked on renovating it so we could decide inexpensively if we like having a hot tub. 

He wasn't even done with it before the boys had to jump in.  

We are frugal in everything not Disney.  Buying furniture for this deck made me want to vomit.   But we didn't come this far to turn back now.  The pergola's were still coming together but the furniture was in place.  

I was using my new umbrella to enjoy the hot tub.  

Max and Poppy thought the set up was on point.  

Let's look at that before picture one more time.

Here she is all done.   Hot tub area with clothes line for swim suits.  Recliner chair for relaxing.   Six person dining table in the center.  No center cover, cause I don't want to block the light into the kitchen.  Second cover on the left with grill and another seating area.  

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

::august 2019::

I got a new shirt in my adventures.  

Max and Otter continue to look alike, especially when annoyed.  

We had some fun flea marketing with the family.  

Even the brothers had fun.  

Lily finished off being Miep in Anne Frank.  

Quinn has started football and he is a natural.  

The rabbits have been living in an outdoor pen and they love it.  

Future state champs for sure.  

More flea marketing fun.  

This little dog has become my constant companion.  

Dinner out with my sisters.  

Got this rocking chicken bell.  

I took Sheila to a new bar in Anderson.   

Got assigned to my new cube and have been having fun setting it up.  

I love playing Speed Tiles with the boys.  We have lots of house rules to make this game go super fast.  

Sir Gus is the greatest of dogs.  

I didn't get to have my entire garden in place this year, but I still got some great tomatoes.  

My little peach tree gave us a great peach harvest for her first year.  

Max decided he wanted to join band and is playing his fathers trumpet.  

This is the tattoo that Quinn wants when her gets older.    I can't wait to see it  happen. 

I am so excited that we got the chance to buy Lily a Volkswagen  Beetle for her 16th birthday.    I have called her Buggy as a pet name since she was a baby.   She ha wanted a VW Bug since she was old enough to know there was such a thing.  I have been looking online but couldn't find just the right thing.  This car listed just down the road from us.   It is a 2008 and only had 55K miles on it.  The price was close enough that we could negotiate to the point I wanted.  

I was so happy to take her with me to pay for the car and she got to meet her new little friend. 
I hope they have many safe adventures together.  

Monday, July 29, 2019

::July 2019::

I'll do a full post about this amazing porch that Josh built, but here is the finished product.  

America hat and baby Otter.  

Helping me cook.  

Getting her letterman jacket for choir.  

She is one happy kid.  

I FINALLY got the glass fixed on the picture I have had since my youth.  

CrossFit continues to be a big part of our life.  

Lily had a week a drama camp, and it was so wonderful for her.  

She has her little bunk all set up.

Lily and her counselor.  

Her dear friend Paige was there with her.  

We started doing some of our medication appointments via telehealth.  I named the one in Indy Violet and the one in Kokomo Tulip.  

We missed our Lily so much while she was gone.  

This man got neutered and he was a sad baby.  

I got my water color of my cottage back from the framers.  I adore it.  

Some how these babies and their mama ended up in our large dog pen.  Max saw them before Rosie and we were able to save them and relocate them.  

My wood otter and my Baby Otter are together for the first time.  

Another date night out with this man and his GUNS. 

My grad school dream team and spouses all got to have a wonderful dinner out.  

We went flea marketing and Mas got more Lego's. 

He wanted this camera, but I was a hard no.  

Lilt fed one of the new Lego's a chip at lunch.  

We did leave with out this hat.  

I officially signed on to the the Director for Perinatal Substance Use Disorder Programs. 
I will still get patient time on Wednesday to keep my bucket full.  
I have SO many big ideas and dreams coming on how to help more women. 


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