Sunday, January 20, 2019

::sewing machine cover::

I've been intimidated by this project.  It just seemed like too much to try and figure out my own pattern.  I only had a certain amount of this bird fabric left and I didn't want to screw it all up.  I finally just bit the bullet and made my pattern out of paper.  It's imperfect, but I have given myself permission to be imperfect in sewing.  How else am I going to learn?

Scissor pocket.

Friday, January 18, 2019

::break time thrift shopping::

I don't know why but these kids love to go thrift shopping with us.  

It is not hard to find some seriously weird stuff.  

But the kid who finds the some interesting gets to pick the lunch location.  Quinn won today.   

Which meant Arby's.  

I had this exact barbie horse when I was a kid.  Her name is Dallas.  She did not come home with me, but we did catch up on old times.   

Jumping picture gone wrong.  

The shirt that triggered Lily.   I couldn't stop laughing.  It's just terrible.   

Josh finally found a trash can for his shop.  You can keep your specialized lubricant jokes to yourself.  I've heard them all already.  

We love a good vintage hat try on session.

I'm always fascinated my the taxidermy we see in these places.  I wish this little guy could tell me his tale.  

This great shop dog was straight chilling.  
He had lots to tell me.  

Thursday, January 17, 2019

::finally some real snow::

My cute little cottage is loving her winter wonderland.  

Quinn woke up and ran right outside.  I never saw a kid love weather more than him.  Any kind of weather, he is ready to party.  His joy encouraged us all to get outside.  

The back deck got so much progress last year.  I can't wait to enjoy it this next summer.  

Rosie thought this weather suits her inner soul.  

Two happy giant dogs.  

When Rosie shakes her head lots of things more around in weird ways. 

The boys couldn't get enough.  

Look at that dog smile.  He is so wonderful.  

Of course he was still hot.  Fur ball.  

She just needs a neck keg and a mountain and she would save the world.  

Nothing better than sledding attached to the farm truck.  

I even took a turn on the sled.  I may need the chiropractor to get me lined up again, but it was super fun.  

After I went in I looked out and saw this - Quinn face down in the snow.  He really can't get enough.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

::New Years fun::

The picture we took right at strike of midnight!  Blurry but so fun.  

Poppy loved us having Jake and Rachel (Josh's brother and our sister inlaw) over for New Years.  The boys were home too.  

Max enjoyed some straight chilling.   

Rachel and Quinn

Max used Uncle Jake as a foot rest.  

We got the over giggles.  

We tried to make the same face as my buddy Ralphie (a joke thrift store find)

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

::christmas 2018::

I've been interested in learning to bake this last year, which has lead to some interesting messes.  

I made a yule log for our family Christmas.  I rolled it the long way and by the time I realized I couldn't undo it.  He was more of a twig than a log, but he was still super fun.  The hedgehog cookies where a blast and tasted amazing.  

Emma's stocking

Lily's stocking 





This kids each get an ornament in their stockings every year.  Emma got a purple hippo this year to represent her favorite stuffed animal from childhood, Hippy.  

We open stockings and then eat breakfast before we do the rest of our gifts.  
That also gives time for Grammy and Papaw to come join us for the gifts.  

Poppy was not pleased with being put in a stocking.  

We was serious about this Nerf gun.  

My favorite gift!  My very own rain barrel.  

I found this vintage makeup case.  It was even in its original box.  It doesn't even look like it was ever used.  It had the original owners name and address printed in perfect cursive.  

Quinn makes a great Chewbacca

Emma got a kitchenaid that I hope lasts her a lifetime.  I was her age when I got mine.  

Lily and Poppy had a little snooze.  

I made a nutella tree to take to dinner.  Google it, super easy and fun.  

Josh is in love with her new flannel from Deluth Trading Company.  

The Rakes (Rachel and Jake) have the best party room in their new house.  It was the perfect place for family Christmas.  

The bookends.  

Quinny got a fish tank that he is in love with.  

Josh redid axes for his brothers and had Lincoln quotes put on them.  

I had a great excuse to use my new vintage punch bowl.  

Ryan supported pinkies out.  

As did us girls.  

Top row: Jake and Rachel.  Josh and I.  Ryan and Jamie (Josh's brothers)
Second row:  Lily and Emma.  Grammy and Papaw.  Max, Caleb (Ryan and Jamie's son) and Quinn.  

The Schaefer brothers with their old sweaters that Sheila made into pillows.  I don't think that could be any cuter.  


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