Tuesday, November 12, 2013

::travel journal::

We have recently opened our eyes as a family to the idea of the all feared ROAD TRIP.  

And we love it.  

We have been on two road trips this year and both where full of fun and adventure.  

Last minute as we where walking out the door I grabbed on of my special notebooks and started a Travel Journal.  

We treat it like a real scrapbook - not the kind that is common right now, but an old fashion scrapbook.  Full of the scraps that we pick up along the way.  A journal of our adventures.  We write a little bit about what we did that day and throw in a little something from each stop - a sticker, a ticket stub, a key card, whatever.  

I hope that one day when we have many of these books full to the brim the Shorties will think of this as a true family treasure. 

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