Thursday, October 5, 2017

::start of a barn remodel - exterior front::

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Look at this amazing picture of my old homestead!  I can hardly recognize it back in 1972.  You can see he big silos in the back that are just the cement bases now.  Our old rusty barn that is about falling down looked brand new.  Our big barn has so many different out buildings near it that are gone now, but this certainly explains the huge amount of cement that we have around here.  

Here is what our big barn looked like when we closed on this joint.  
Around 12,000 square feet of various problems and concerns, but coolness galore.  

The old windows on the side of the barn had been broken and replaced with cut up road signs and any firm plastic they could find.  This building hadn't seen paint in a few years or more.  

Since we couldn't start demo on our house right away because we didn't even know what we were going to do with it at first, Josh dove into the barn.  This picture was the start of barn demo day.  

Some times a grumpy kid would  need an occasional time out against the barn to reevaluate life.  

Since redoing all the metal wasn't a financial option - a coat of primer was a good place to start.  

Some hotness occurred with the paint going up.  
Side note - seriously?  Meow.  He's over 40 now and his hotness is escalating.  

Lots of kids helped supervise as roof repairs and patches happened.  

Barn roof repair

Black paint on the door and it is good for this year.  

Next for exterior:
New metal doors
Replace metal where needed
Replace roofing as possible
Add small porch above the door

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