Thursday, September 21, 2017

::teenager drive in::

How is it even possible that Lily is 14!  WHAT!  14.  
It's not like I didn't see it coming but still...
This year for her party we decided to turn the party barn into a drive in movie.

I used my old luggage cart as a blanket rack.

Quinn helped with the popcorn machine.  

I loved the treat table.

We had hot chocolate with mini chips and sprinkles.
Whip cream got brought out latter.  

My lovely friend Emily and her family gave me this bowling pin vase. 
It made it too the party table because it'ss so cute.  

When it got dark we drove the trucks in and filled them with air mattresses and blankets.  

Max decided he would sneak in and join the party by sitting on the roof of a truck.

It ended up being five girls total. 
They had a really good time.  

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