Thursday, September 21, 2017

::putting a new barn door - in an actual barn::

My 40th birthday party is coming up!  
I haven't had a real birthday party since junior high and I am kinda excited.  
It's actually a 40th birthday/graduation/house warming/dream job extravaganza.  But calling it my birthday party is a bit simpler. We are going to have it in our party barn space of our big barn.  
Unfortunately as we get moved in the "center room" has turned out to be a storage room for lumber salvaged from the house remodel.  
It's not horrible - like the good little hoarder I want to become.
Let's say - it's disorganized.  

Here it is.
Stop eyeballing my barn wood scraps.  
They are mine.  
(See- hoarder in the making)

Josh gets shit done.  
He walked out there and agreed with me so he modified a different barn door we had taken down from another space to go in the track that was already above the open doorway between the center room and the party barn.  

We took really old white washed boards that where on an old barn exterior door that got blown apart in the wind in a storm this year and reused them to make up the old door.  
I was in charge of nailing them up.  

Josh was in charge of remaining hot and cutting all boards to size.  

There it is open to the center room and partially closing off the chickens area.

And here is is closed and blocking off the center room.  

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