Monday, November 27, 2017

::getting the tree - a family affair::

Craft station

It was pointed out to me this year by Emma and Josh that I usually ditch them and get our tree when they are not home.  We made a point of picking a scheduled date to all get to go together this year. 

Since we have moved we tried out a new place this year.  Turns out the manager had babies that I LOVED and got to take care of when I was a nurse.  What a fun small world.  I hugged her so tight I about squeezed her head off.  

The littles and I got there early and had a meet and great with Santa.  

Josh and Emma met us and off we went on our tree hunt.

Piney Acres is a magical place.  I have a not so secret dream that if I hadn't been a Nurse Practitioner I would have tried to start a pumpkin patch/tree farm.  It's just so flipping cute and agri-fun.  Josh would not have been suited for the intense amount of socialization that would have taken, so it worked out best that we just have a hobby farm.  Still - every time we go to a place like this I try to talk one of the kids into why they need their own farm when they grow up.    

Quinn felt like a big stud for cutting down the tree.  

Our cozy little house looks very festive.  

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