Tuesday, November 28, 2017

::i needed a mantel::

This poor man gets to build my ideas all the time.  
He just wants to go hunting but I rope him in to all kinds of projects.  
I've never had a house with a fireplace and I really wanted one in this house.
Budget kicked that idea out.
But I locked my brain onto a faux mantel.  

I wanted it to match the concept of what is already in the house.
Here is the base he built.

I wanted the scale to not be too large but still fun to decorate.  
The top is a piece of salvaged wood that we got from my father.  

I finished the top with just satin wax and it really shows how pretty the wood is.   

Then I primed it. 

And did two coats of the same white paint as what is on the trim.   

I still plan to add some more things to the interior box area.  
Maybe another level of trim? 
Fake painted brick in the back?  
I'm not sure - but it is a great start.   

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