Saturday, January 22, 2011

::which preschool to pick::

No, I am not way ahead.  If he is going to start in August he has to get on the roster now.

Here on the options for Mr Max.

The Kind of Churchy One
I have heard good things about this place from other moms.  They have a good sounding program.  The kids can come MWF 9-12 ($170) or TTh 9-3 ($210).
I don’t love the idea of him going to a church preschool.  We do not have a regular church and I don’t love the idea of someone teaching him about religion when I don’t hear exactly what they are telling him. 

The HUGE Church Preschool
AMAZING facility.   Great program.  Lots of options.  But again the religious issue.
        TTH 8:30-11:30 ($140) can stay for lunch and add Friday for total of ($216)

Monetssouri Preschool
I went to Montessori and I loved it.  Lily went to one for 10 minutes and Josh made me take her out before they “made her drink the kool-aid.”  It’s a little bit too granola for him, but I might be able to make him try it again.  I love the child led aspect of it.  But it also lacks the disapline of real school which is really the point of sending Max to preschool.  And no religous aspect.
            TTH 9-11:45 ($120) or MWF 9-11:45 ($180)

Public-ish Preschool
This is a program run with a neighboring school district but they are a paying preschool open to the public.  It has a well done traditional program and no relgious teaching.  But it is the most expensive.
            Three days a week of our choice 9-11:30 ($220)

Who shall I pick?

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  1. i'm confused. did you CUT max's curls or flat iron his hair in the picture? he's hilarious. if you're concerned about the spiritual aspect of things, how about just asking what role that takes in the preschool curriculum?



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