Monday, January 24, 2011




No more

We got some more news today.  They did the pathology report on the baby and the only abnormality that they found was the cord attachment issue.  That is good news for the future.  A total fluke. 

Then we got some more news.  Months ago we sent lab work on nugget to find out some more information.  Max is a carrier for galactosemia (click the link if you need info).  We wanted to find out if this baby had this disease as well.  Max is just a carrier so we didn't have to make any lifestyle changes for him.  But if the baby had galactosemia then how he would have been fed would have been different from birth.  

So we sent a genetics screen.  And it finally came back today.  But Josh's test didn't work and has to be redone.  Mine worked.  I am a carrier for galactosemia.  How flipping great.  Just the news I wanted.  If I wasn't the carrier than that meant that Josh was and everything was fine.  Now there is still the chance that Josh is a carrier too.  Meaning the next baby could actually have it.  

AND just because they want to see if I will snap and end up in a psych unit I am also a carrier for Alpha 1 Antitrypsin.  Look it up.  I really don't want to explain it.

Now we get to wait a week or so for Josh's test to come in the mail.  Then we send it out and wait another 2 weeks for results.

Till them I am going to try and talk myself out of jumping off the roof.  Pretty sure my one story ranch would just sprang my ankle anyway.  This is a bad joke - do not call the police.

This just really scares me.  Is this why Max and Lily have asthma?  MD says no, but...  Is this why Max is short?  Josh's says that is because he doesn't eat.  If we have some crazy genetic bull shit what does that mean for our future babies?  Like - would we even have any?  I am too hot a mess to even entertain that thought right now.  I just feel like how could I have come out of this without a hysterectomy only to find out that I genetically shouldn't have any more?

Much calmer now.  Got the report from genetics.  I am a carrier for the mildest form of Alpha 1 Antitrypsin.  Even if Josh carries the worst form possible that means the worst thing we could give a kid is a sensitivity to emphysema as a 60 year old if they smoke.  I can live with that.
As far as the galactosemia we will just have to see.  But I feel very hopeful that is not going to be a huge issue.  Sorry for my panic. 

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  1. oh brookie. big fat bummer.

    stop stop stop apologizing for feeling sad or scared. love you, sweet friend.



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