Tuesday, January 11, 2011

::2011 garden dreams – corn patch and orchard::

The Corn Patch
This will be a 20 foot by 30 foot square of tilled earth
I will spray it as early as possible then till it up and plant that sucker

I want to try to plant corn, green beans, and squash in the Three Sisters Technique
   Corn – early, middle and late varietes
   Regular old green beans – maybe two different kids just to be a weirdo
   Squash – I hate squash to eat, but one set of zucchini wouldn’t kill me, then can the rest be gourds and pumpkins?  They are squash technically right?  Any insight?

Then I will plant one end of it with peas
ND the entire boarder with be tall sunflowers for visual appeal

The Orchard
Oh, the orchard.  I can hardly wait

The long term goal is rows of fruit bushes but the cost will require a slow growth.

This year we will put in a row of blueberry’s and use the other rows for other plants (were they will go in the future in another problem)

The plan is the let it grow as it needs too, with lots of flexibility.  If one rows of blues is not enough than we make it two rows, or what ever works right.

The current plan is
Row one – blueberry’s with a hydrenga on the end
Row two – a row of half spinach and half parsely (Next year make it raspberry’s)
Row three – half soy beans and half cilantro (future black raspberry’s)
Row four – tomato’s  (future blackberry’s)
Row five – ½ watermelon, ½ asparagus (future all asparagus)
Grapes somewhere

Now – what am I over looking?  Any good ideas?  Of course strawberry’s but I want to fill the house flower gardens with them.  What else?????


  1. We also garden and have a table at our small, local farmers' market. I had not heard of the three sisters method, and had to google it. I hope to convince my slow-to-change-his-ways husband to try this method this year too. I would like to move to a more organic garden and this method fits the bill. So far he says he's willing to try it, but it sounds like a lot of dirt moving to create the mounds.

    We have a few fruit trees and every year we say that we should get more, but then it comes time to spend the money and we decided we could use other things for the vegetable garden and the trees go by the wayside. I like your long term plan for your orchard. I think I will plan to buy 1 tree a year. We have not grown berries before, though last year I almost bought a couple bushes at Walmart on a whim.

  2. we are moving our garden from our other property a few blocks away to our back yard this year & I am trying to talk my also, slow-to-change-his-ways husband into the three sisters method to save on space :) I love reading about your plans!!



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