Wednesday, January 19, 2011

::things I love about Lily::

Every single thing.  Everything.  “Lily, I love every single thing about you.”  “Even my poop?”  “Yes, even your poop.”  That kid may need therapy.
I love that she doesn’t match her socks.  Just like her Mama.  It always seemed like entirely too much work to match socks.  Lily agrees.

I love the way she nurtures and protects Max.  She is so concerned about his safety and his happiness.  She really cares for him in a way that is so maternal that I have to constantly remind her who Max’s mother actually is.
The little dog seeks snuggles and love from Lily.  She only does this to people she thinks are safe.

Every place she goes she makes friends.  In the line at the bank, at the doctors waiting room, in line for the bus to Disney World.  It’s so sweet and adorable.  We had to talk about not getting your heart broken when other kids deny your attempt to make friends.  Some people are just duds, and you have to give them a chance another day.

This kid loves art and music.  She creates all the time.  I adore watching this happen.
Every morning she doesn’t have school she goes into Max’s room and gets him out of his bed.  She brings him into her room and they sit in her bed and read books till about 9am when they come in and wake us up.   Beyond adorable.
Her favorite food in a tuna roll and she has been eating them since age two.  It’s so funny to watch a little kid order her own sushi.

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  1. Seriously, how gorgeous is she?!! You take the best photos.

    Michelle :-)



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