Sunday, January 23, 2011

::a fun distraction::

I love 4-H. 

I love the kids doing 4-H.

Last year I screwed up and didn't get their goats entered in time so they couldn't show.

It was a horrible mistake.

So, this year I have been thinking and plotting early about how to get these girls so more goats.  (And to make sure I don't miss the registration deadline) 

We have some sweet little backyard goats, but I want to kick it up to higher quality so in two years when Lily is showing we will have some really nice stock.  The kids still won two years ago like it was there job, but Jenni (Josh's ex) and I decided that we want to make sure these kids have the best we can get them.

Yes. I said Josh's ex.  We are 99% peaceful and we don't let that 1% get in the way.  My oldest Emma shows half the goats and Jenni's boyfriends daughter Shealynn shows the other half.  They are the same age and I got to tell you, I adore Shealynn.  She comes for the summer ever year and I love working with that kid.  We did her cake for 4-H together last year and it was a wonderful experience.  When we work the goats I know I can rely on that kid to be tough and hold down the more difficult goats so I can safely trim feet.  She is a kid that I greatly enjoy.

Jenni has set me loose to find some new goats for our girls.  

And I found one...  

This is a picture of her with her first baby.

And her name is Cream Puff!!!!!!
The best girl goat name ever.  

She is bred to this big macho man and due in March.
I go pick her up on Friday.

What a wonderful distraction!  I can't wait to get this mama and use cheerios to bribe her into loving me.  They call her Cream, but I think I might have to call her Puffy.  

But, I still need some more babies for the girls to show.  Hopefully I will find some within the next month or so.  I have had fun making some good connections with some great goat breeders and I hope we will find some more goats to add to the herd.


  1. Hi Brooke

    Wow, she is so gorgeous!! I love goats, they just make the best pets.

    This sounds like a great project. Good luck with finding just the right goats.

    Michelle :-)

  2. Aww! We've tossed around the idea of goats. In fact, the family that built our house 49 years ago had a goat farm! I want to get my kids into 4H as well.



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