Tuesday, January 4, 2011

::what I want for christmas::

Ok...  So maybe I am too late.

But since we agreed to only get stuff for the kids this year I still have one little thing I want.

I want to go to Ikea.  I want $50 and a day to myself. 

I want to drive in my car with a friend or two.  Or the audio book of my choosing.  I would prefer the friends but my rules are somewhat unreasonable.  

NO KIDS.  NOT ONE.  Only the one in my belly because it can't   talk yet. 

No cell phone usage except to take pictures, till on the way home.

Once arrival at Ikea is achieved I want to walk through every single nook and cranny by myself.  

I want to pick up every single item and have no where to be and no one to meet.

I want to look at everything.  I want to dream and think and make tons of lists.  
I want this trip to happen in the month of January.  Maybe a Thursday.  

Now to talk Josh into it.


  1. I would love to come. Sounds like a perfect trip for you and I and I don't mind the cell phone part either, I think it will be good for me to disconnect myself from my iphone :) Only issue...I work every single stinkin Thursday. We do have a Friday, Saturday, Sunday off...maybe that Friday?

  2. OMG, this cracked me up - This WAS ME right then too (winter sale time)! I did it but with my shorties. Didin't tell Dad till I was there. he soooo doesn't get it. Left shorties at kidland, got them a free lunch after I'd enjoyed window shoppin and fresh, clean color stimulation and came back refreshed. Even the 1hr drive was relaxing for once. I can't wait to go again! Hope you get to go play n shop in peace too!



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