Wednesday, January 26, 2011

::bird seed valentines::

 Valentine bird feeders.
 These were such fun!
We made a ton and are passing them out at school.

Treat bags
Bird seed
Rubber molds

 There are lots of different recipe's out there.
Just google search "bird gelatin biscuit"
I tried it different each batch to find the perfect combination.
Here is my favorite:  Link here for more info
In a large bowl, make plain gelatin following directions on the package. Instead of cold water use ice cubes so it will gel quickly.  (2 packets makes about 6 birdfeeders)

Add bird seed a little at a time to gelatin, mixing together so seed is completely coated and there is a enough gelatin to bind the two together.  We used 2 cups of bird seed.  You don't want too much extra gelatin because then the birds will not be attracted to your feeder.

Once you have the mixture spray your mold with Pam.
Then have your adorable helper scoop the mixture into each mold.

Next, have your adorable helper cut the straws.
Place one straw in each mold, so you have a place to put the ribbon to hang them.
Once they were all done I pulled the straws and used a kabob stick to get the ribbon through them.
Max was very cute and unhelpful.
We put them in the freezer to help them harden faster. 
Here they are right out of the freezer.

Gelatine 1.24 X 2 = $2.28
Ribbon  $.47
Bird Seed   $5.47
Bags    $2.00

We made 30 and have enough left over to make 12 more.  For 42 that means they are $.24 each

Nothing.  Seriously.  Prep time was 5 minutes.  If we had enough molds it would have been done in 10 minutes of work time and two hours of freezer time. 


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  1. *doing this* How adorable will a dozen or two of these be hanging from the tree in my front yard!? Thanks for the idea. My kids love to watch the birdies.



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