Saturday, January 15, 2011

::the boy room::

If this little friend is a Jack I have a plan for the 9ft by 11ft room that he and Max will have to share for a few years.  

I hope that by the time Max is 10 they will not still be sharing, as we will have done a house remodel by then.  But he may be still sleeping in a toddler bed with his feet hanging out the end like a Dr Seuss character.  

Both my fellow pregnant friends have found out what they are having.  We have a girl and a boy on the way.  But my status is still up in the air.  We were talking about their babies rooms and it got me thinking about my baby room.  
Here is what Lily's room looked like.

What I likes about it:  The crib was cool but cost $800 (I just threw up in my mouth)
It had nice color and was well organized

Dislike:  It was so matchy.  I HATE matchy.  All the basket liner were even pottery barn.  
The crib ended up being a total piece of crap.  It didn't even make it to Max.

I still have all the stuff and I am selling every piece of it on craigslist.  

I think I can get about $200 - maybe.

And then I want to do something similar to this.

The color is a little too neon for me.  But the concept is right on.

Now how do I make that happen and what is a dead lock bottom number?

I may try to paint and or modify some free furniture but if I have to buy new...
I want a SUPER simple white toddler bed and crib.

Craigslist dresser with white painted top.
I plan lots of hanging shelves too.  
(this picture is from Young House Love)

Super bright curtains in a pattern like this.  LOVE THE TEXTURE but in curtains in might be too much.

 Maybe this pattern would make better curtains and then I can just play around with making a pillow or two with the felt circles.

I like this bedding and love the colors.  And it is from Skip Hop which is the company that made Max's wuppy. But this would just be an extra blanket for the baby.
For actual bedding I want a set of orange and light blue sheets for each kiddo an then a white comforter for Max's bed.  Then I will find them cool blankets to add some color.
The room is so small that I might be able to get away with a large bumby bath mat as a rug.  Then it is washable, which is good since I want it to be white.

I want to hang this by Max's bed so he can turn it on and off himself.


Paint = $23
Crib = $100
Toddler Bed with Rail = $150
Crib mattress = $100
Dresser (craigs list or yard sale) = $75
Rug = $20
Lamp = $20
Ceiling light fixture = $40
Bedding (two full sets and comforter) = $100 
Curtains = $50
Pillows = $25

Wall bug lamp = $14
Mobile = make it for $20
End Table = $20
New closet organizer = $100
Closet paint = $15
TOTAL = $870
Yikes - too much.  But I bet I can find a way to get it all in for under $450
And if I am having a girl I know I can do this makeover to Max's room for super cheap.

Rocker Chair = $120
Skip Hop Blanket = $$24
Wall mirrors = $30

I find out what I am having on Feb 3rd.  If this bump is a Jack then I want this room totally done by the end of May.  If I am having a girl than I will have to re-figure.  Which will still be fun.  

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