Wednesday, January 5, 2011

::food I grew::

 this is me next year

Last year was so big fat gardening fun.  I loved it.  

Loved the garden, loved the food, loved the learning.  

Now that I have a little bit of a grasp on it (meaning very little died), I have a better idea of what I want to grow this year.  I want to focus more of things that we will eat over winter.  Of course we are putting in lots of summer fresh food (like 10 blue berry bushes and trying out cantaloupe), but I really want to put more food away.  

I want to have frozen cilantro/parsley/spinach to make that crazy Iranian dish I love.  (Gorma – its awesome)  

I want some frozen herb cubes to pop into food.  

I want canned salsa, marinara sauce, diced tomato’s, tomato soup, and more.  

I want canned green beans and frozen peas. 

Tons of dried garlic and onions.  

We are going to grow tons of edible soy beans, because I love endememe.  

Maybe we will actually have enough sweet corn to freeze some too.  

TONS of strawberry jam.
Fresh cantaloupe...  I am dreaming of it.

Now what am I forgetting?

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