Thursday, January 6, 2011


 Big fat fun. I love bowling.
I haven't been bowling in at least 10 plus years.
Why is that? 
What good and cheap family fun.
I even made up a pregnant lady victory dance that Josh says I am not allowed to do in public any more.
I wanted to make a video to demo it but he said that would mean he would throw me out. 

We had them put up gutter bumpers, but Lily was still not happy with this shot.

Max thought that the hand dryer was perfect for his belly.

Emma declared herself in charge of entering the names.

Max focused on getting a major brain freeze.

Lily managed to throw her ball into the neighbor lane.  
I think you can kind of predict that would happen in retrospect.


  1. Hahaha this post pretty much sums up your hilarious and sweet family. Can't wait for #3.5 to join the party!

  2. ummmm where were you bowling at????



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