Monday, January 3, 2011

::january goals::

not my kitchen, but should be

I haven't set any real solid goals for myself since I got pregnant.  I realize now how seriously I was struggling to keep my head above water.  I was just so tired.  I hate that.  Glad it is past.  Now ready to get crazy again. 

Here are some January goals:
To not begin every sentence with the word "So".  It just seems to be the first word I think of. 

So, (hahaha) it is time to really get focused.  The bathroom has got to happen.  I want to get the first three things on the list done this month. I will do the first one and Josh will do the second two.
     1.  Clean out the things that have accumulated in there
     2.  Tear out the old floor
     3.  Prep the new floor

I want to go through my entire house and organized all the visual clutter.  Not just move it or hide it but deal with it.
     Above the fridge is a mess of gross crap.  Time to go.
     Above the lockers in a hot mess.  Time to go.

Get back to crafting with the shorties.  We all miss it.  I need to get back to looking for new ideas.  Max is old enough now to play along so stop being lazy and pay attention. 

Find two money saving solutions.  I am considering making my own laundry soap, which I have been reading about.  And I am still looking for the second one. 

And some more long term ones:
Go through the attic.  Seriously, don't just go through the front half.  Go through the whole thing.  Wait till decent weather cause it is flipping cold up there.

Get more serious about assigned chores for the kids.

Consider tricking Lily into music lessons again. 

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