Friday, January 14, 2011

::spring farm plans::

Yes it is just January.  And here in central Indiana spring doesn't really show up till March, but I have to start planning.  

1. Because it is my nature.


2.  I am in my second trimester.  I LOVE second trimester.  I get tons of energy and just fly around getting things done.  I am hyper, but focused.  Unlike usually were I am hyper but partially focused.  (Josh says he prefers me partially focus as I cause less major damage.)

BUT - the whole point of this post is spring farm plans. 


I want to add an outdoor run onto the chicken coop.  This will double their floor space (which they have tons of anyway) and get them some safe outdoor time.  This picture is nothing like how it will actually be but I just love the idea of an English farm.   This is the compromise we have come up with as I think the chicken need to be outside and Josh says he will shoot them if they crap on the porch any more.

We will also be adding a new goat run to make up for the at-least-two more goats that we are getting ASAP.  He thinks two.  I think 4-6 new goats by the end of the year.  We will also be adding a dog door to one of the horse stall connecting it to the new outdoor pasture.  This give me two separate goat pens.  This is all part of my master plan to make sure that my Lily has the best show goats possible for when she starts 4-H in two years.  

I also want to make the goats a portable electric paddock that can be moved around the farm so they can graze green grass all summer long and not burn up my hay.  

Our humongous porch needs a make over.  This is what I want it to look like.  But it has to have certain restrictions.  Non of the furniture can have pillows or the out door animals turn them into their nest and then they STINK like barn dog/cat/etc.  We need a dining table that is large enough for all of us.  

Love these tables

We need an umbrella so there is shade at all times.  

We really need a little screened in patio but that might not be in the budget.  

I also want to decorate the blank outside wall area's with cool art.  That will be a slow process but I have a few idea's in mind. 

Could I make this from licence plates?

Or I can make this?
You get the idea.

my actual outhouse

We seriously have an outhouse.  A real one.  The people who built this house lived here in a camper in the 1960's and didn't have a functional toilet.  They used this outhouse and I am sure it has not been updated since.  I want to strip off the siding, door, and the roof.  Then go to a salvage store and get reused everything to fix it up.  Then I want to paint it some crazy color with a bright yellow door.  Paint the inside and add some crazy decorations like a chalk board and other craziness.  I think I can get free range to do what ever I want to the inside.  Then I will clean it up enough to use it for parties and large outdoor gatherings.  (Except for Emily - as promised)

Then of course we have all of the gardening advancements.  
Link to see them.  corn patch and cottage garden 

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