Saturday, January 8, 2011

::2011 garden dreams – the cottage garden::

What my garden looks like in my head.

I have big plans for this year.  Yes, I will deliver this new person in June, but my garden is still going to rock.  I have it down to three different gardening areas in my head, here is the breakdown of the Cottage Garden.

The Cottage Garden
This is the pretty little garden that I had last year.  This year it will have zinnia’s along the front beds.  I want shorter ones so they don’t look too overwhelming.  Then inside - I want to try a patch of green onions, spinach, leaf lettuce, and carrots all mixed in together.  I, also want to fill in the strawberry bed with more Ozarks.  I hope to fill in some of the flower beds around the house with strawberry’s too.  

8 broccoli’s (twice the amount of last year)
Let the chives keep going crazy
Try a small amount of eggplant (its just so pretty)
Less cucumbers (I really don’t like them and how many can I feed to the cow?)
Cantaloupe (CAN’T WAIT)
Fill in the lavender at the entrance
Square of red and white onions (Can they be mixed ever other one for visual interest?  I am going to try it)
Sugar snap peas
Basil – for me and to be dried and ready for xmas presents, two plants
Jalapeno’s – one plant is enough this time
Large parsley patch
Small area of head lettuce
More spinach in one square – plant to spell out the kids names
Lily garden square – who know what she will grow???
Any empty space gets filled with cilantro

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