Thursday, January 13, 2011

::17 weeks::

Dear Nugget -
Hey shortie.  I think this picture is perfect.  You're a little onion.  That kicks me in the bladder.  

I am thinking about you tons right now.  I am planning your boy room to share with Max, or if you are a girl I am planning your brothers room that you will not be allowed in.  

I have been thinking lots about cloth diapers for you.  Gathering lots of information and trying to talk your Dad into it.  He is a hard sell sometimes.  You will learn that fact.  But if you just keep trying he eventually cracks.  Trust me on this one.  That's how I got you.

Speaking of you I have been extra over emotional about you right now.  I just can't believe that I am really pregnant again.  That I really do get to have another baby.  Your dad is the greatest man alive for this.  (Link to get some the back story)  You are one wanted little person.

We find out on Feb 3rd if you are coming along OK and if you are a boy or girl.  I could really care less about your gender (just please have one or the other).  I just worry about your heart (God Bless Baby Joshua), your brain, your lungs, your gut (love you baby Hamzah), your everything.  I see little faces that go with all the problems that you could possibly have.  Some are angels and some are not.  Let's just keep all that at work ok?  It might just kill Daddy.
We are really in love with the name Gwen still it you are a girl.

Gwenith Isabelle
Gwenith Anna
Gwenith Katherine
Gwenith Smoking Hot But Stop Looking At Her Or Her Dad Will Kick Your Ass

But we are wavering on Jack.  It is still a good front runner.
Middle name is still Thomas.  FOR SURE.  But first name???
John (Jack) Thomas
Finn Thomas
Charles (Charlie) Thomas
It has to be a good quarter back name according to Josh.

OF COURSE your name is really going to be:
Zofran Nilla Wafer Schaefer

THAT IS THE BEST NAME EVER!!!!!  It really captures who you are.


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  1. I will admit, Jack Thomas, is my favorite name, but I have my own special reasons as to why! He can be your special face for a 26 weeker! I'm sure whatever name you pick will be fantastic!



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