Sunday, January 9, 2011

::visual clutter - art/dining room::

I posted a little while back about my January goals.  
One of which was to reduce visual clutter.  
I got the kitchen done. 
But I was a big slacker on the before and after pictures. 
Your just going to have to trust me that it looks tons better.
Josh says it looks like we are moving.
I say - don't worry, it will fill back up.

I, also tackled the chaos that is the art/dining room.

This table is where all the random things have built up.
Way too much visual clutter.

And here it is fixed.
Not just cleared off, but everything dealt with. 

Here is the art area during the clean out. 
Max was not any help.  But he was very cute in his camo jammies. 

I drug the black desk outside and put a coat of paint on it to cover all the scratches.
It's turned to the wall so no kids randomly touches it. 

I had to use goo gone on Lily's desk to get all the crap off. 

I am still not sure what to do with all the tall art paper.
But this seemed to do for now. 

Here it is all finished.

Till you looked at this end.

Much better.  


Like my wedding pictures?
They are starting to fade from the sun. 

And my horsey pictures.  
They are the only ones I still have up. 

Because this is the kind of thing I hang on the walls now. 

The entry area is all perfect now too.  

I even went through every little hole in this organizer.
Done.  Done.  Done.  


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  1. hurry and make copies of your pictures before they fade!! lookin' good brookie. good to see your little nest :)



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