Friday, February 4, 2011


one of my favorite pictures

Oh thanks thanks thanks


I feel SO thankful right now.

My OB called me.  The OB that has delivered all three of my babies.

The woman that I thank for still having a uterus.

A person I love.

She called me herself. 

I have been expecting a call.  Lab results from the baby should be back.  But for the Dr to call means that something really bad is wrong.  Nurses give good to moderate news.  Dr's call with really bad news. 

But no.

She called to tell me that everything with the baby was normal.  

She is tactful.  All the time.  She didn't say, "Great news, your dead baby was normal."  No, she presents it gentle.  But I was SO happy to hear it.  

"It was all placental, it should not affect future pregnancies at all."

That is silver lining.  

That means that my baby didn't die for a reason that could kill my next one.  

A little beam of hope.  

A future person who already feels a little real. 

I used to tease with my coworkers and say, "I love this little egg."  Then point at my ovaries.  "The third one back.  He's a good one."  And he was.  He taught me lots.    

That is kind of how I feel now.  I love this egg.  

The one that is a few eggs back in line.  

Its a good one.  

(Next week Josh's DNA profile comes back.  Pray our DNA is as good a match as our souls.)

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