Tuesday, February 1, 2011

::lily's little issue::

Some one named Lily had been getting in big trouble at school.

Not listening and not following directions.

Same routine that has been going on at home.

Josh and I are fed up and so is her teacher.
On my drive home from picking up the new goat I really focused on specific strategies.

Side note - I don't want to beat the spirit out of her.  I like her having some spirit, but she can't refuse to do what teachers ask her to do.  She can refuse to do what her friends tell her to do.  She should not ever just follow blindly.  She has to think for herself, but she has to listen to her first grade teacher.

My strategy:
 Josh and I can up with this.
It hangs on the fridge in our family room.
(Yes we have a fridge in our family room)
When she is good she puts a magnet on the good, bad on the bad.
First one to five wins.
If good wins she gets to download a new iPod free game of her choice
(But she is grounded from her iPod right now, a detail she hasn't put together yet)
If bad wins she get the grummiest job of my choice.
Bad stuff.
Like: bring in 10 pieces of fire wood.
Or Clean out a horse stall.
Something cold and miserable. 

And the next part of my plan is a new chore chart.
No chores on Wednesday because that is the day she goes to the neighbors after school.
Free choice chore is the chore of my/daddy's/babysitters choice
Not horrible stuff.  Just what ever needs to be done.

What other specific ideas do you have?  Specific!  Don't say, "Be harder on her" or "Make her follow the rules." 


  1. when I was teaching elementary school, i had a student who flat out refused to do things, he threw chairs and pencils, and told me to F*** Off quite frequently (this was in 2nd grade!). We used a sticker chart on his desk, and anytime he did something nice for others, or did something the first time I asked, or said something kind to me or the other students, he earned a sticker. after 10 stickers, he could choose to either stay in the classroom and have lunch with me, or he could choose a small snack and 10 minutes of free time for the whole class.

    Is Lily being rewarded at school for good behavior too?

    From my experience it really works- however don't take away sticker or magnets because that just frustrates and depletes them.

    Just some ideas! Good luck!

  2. I liked your ideas and will anxiously await the report to see how everything works!



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