Saturday, February 5, 2011

::right now projects::

I am feeling very creative right now.  Maybe it is just because my energy is coming back.  THANKS IRON!  Here are some things I have going right now.  Some are just in my head.

In order-ish
Every pay check buy at least one letter for alphabet wall project

Add some more pillows to Lily's day bed

Put in two clothes rods for the American Girls
Make a book sling for Lily's room

Paint Max's room green
Touch up all the trim and cabinets in the bathroom

Boring - paint the bathroom shower stall (sorry Josh - its for you)

Paint my bedroom with paint I bought months ago and then forgot about 
(how can that happen?)

Make a book sling for Max's room

Put shelves in Max's locker, wrap in fabric to add to coolness factor

Make a wrapping paper station in the family room

Make a wall desk in the family room

Make plant labels for this summer
Make wall metal sunflower for side of house

Find 50 garden gnomes and place them everywhere

1 comment:

  1. Good for you! :) I wish my creativity was here. I NEED it now! My little one turns 2 in a month and I have NOTHING ready. It's going to be a rainbow party, but I just can't seem to decide on invitations!



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