Friday, February 4, 2011

::max's new room plan::

I am putting together my new plan for Max's room.
Peak at the old plan here.  
Still going for a very modern room with no true theme.

Looking at some green wall colors.  
They look more minty in the picture than they actual are. 

Found these are craigs list.
If he still has them I just might buy one set
They are 60 inches long and 36 inches high
I want to paint them pewter and put shelves in them for Max to use them as a dresser.

My dad is making me this bed.
He is right in the middle of a project so he said it would be about two months till it would be ready.
I love the white bed and the dark wood trundle drawer under. 

One wall will have 2-3 rows of these for artwork.

I want shelves like this above the lockers for display.  

Then I still have to use this idea somewere
Maybe on the bottom 1/3 of the curtains.

By his bed I will put in one of these to try and control his nightly reading books.  

Once I decide for sure on the lockers I will post a floor plan. 


  1. Where did you see the idea for the book slings? They look like double curtain rods, right? Also: I bought those wire things from ikea for artwork and they are the biggest pain to put up. It took me and a friend two hours to put one up and it still wouldn't pull taut. So I said screw it on the other one I bought... hopefully it works better for you than me or maybe you might want to consider a different brand. Good luck! Great ideas.

  2. I love your ideas for rooms! Please transfer some of your creativity to me!! I need help! :)



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