Friday, February 25, 2011

::tea party planning::

I want to throw Lily a girls only end of school party.  (End of May)

A tea party.

A bright vibrant crazy tea party.

Like this...
link here to see more of this party

Here is my list so far:

    Cupcake rings
    Different color Gerber daisy  straw toppers
    Tooth pick toppers
    Treat bag tops
    Label for paper doll envelopes
love the bench, but need brighter colors

    Colors - everything BRIGHT!!!! But not rainbow
        Teal, orange, fuchsia,
     (rain plan is Josh’s barn)
    Under the trees
    Dining room table
        X of rope above
            Hang tissue paper flowers and lanterns
        Tulle skirts on benches
        Chairs at each end
        BRIGHT fuchsia table cloth
        Use as much breakables as possible
        Several arrangements down the center of tables
            Gerber and duct table flowers
                (send home with guests)
        Two table runners on each side, or astro turf placemats
        Chairs on ends of table
       Jar water glasses or fancy plastic goblets
            Fancy straws with toppers
            Ribbon hot glue wrap
        Place setting- with name cards
            Tea cup
            Real plate
            Napkin wrapped in dot candy with daisy hair clip
                Gerber daisy hair clipped on top
pic from here

Food Table
        Bright orange table cloth
        Use a table with an umbrella hole in it.  Make a ribbon or streamer umbrella for it to serve as a background. 
        Cupcake tower with fancy cupcakes with pearl sprinkles on top
            Making cupcake tower
        Logs as risers
            Cheese pizza bites
            Soft mini pretzels
            Mini fruit kabobs with clip art tooth picks
            Cheese cut in cut shapes with clip art tooth picks

            Whoopie pies
            Double chocolate raspberry cupcakes
            Red velvet cupcakes
            Raspberry swirl cupcakes
            Mini ice cream sandwiches (Brownie cookies)
            Mini white chocolate mouse parfaits
            Mini Orange Ice Cream Popsicles
            Carmel corn in cupcake wrappers or small paper bowl
            Chocolate cover strawberries
            Fruit pops

Craft Tables
    Opener crafts
        Paper hats
        Decorate your cup and put it at your place setting
    Secondary crafts   
        Do Japanese trees
            Paint tree with water colors and punch out flowers to add to page
        Decorate fans           
    Face painting    station

    Sugar cube stack
    Pass the sugar cube with a spoon
    Cut out paper dolls
        With envelope

Treat Bag- brown craft handle bag with ribbon and labels
    Bag of little candies
    Take home cup
    Flower seed pack - sunflowers
    Paper dolls
    Ring pop

What other ideas do you guys have?????

food pics from Annie's Eats
But I can't remember were the fruit flowers come from


  1. Is it bad that I want an invite?? It sounds completely fabulous!

  2. You are THOROUGH! Wow, this all sounds amazing, I love the idea. You are such a fun mama. I guess I better get on planning a first birthday around here. I can't decide on a theme though. I want something that hasn't been done a billion times but is still little guy appropriate. Any ideas?



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