Friday, February 11, 2011

::garden plant labels::

We are going to try and grow about one million different kinds of plants this year and I need a way to look at the plants and know what I am picking.  How else will we pick our favorites?

I was thinking of taking a six inch across log and cutting of half inch layers.  Similar to this.  To make flat plate like pieces to use on stakes for tied to tomato cages.  I will just write the type is sharpie on them.  But that isn't enough COLOR.  Maybe I could spray paint them all different colors. 

Here are some other ideas I am kicking around...

Love these.
Free and environmentally friendly
But no color.

 These are cute and cheap too.
I fun thing for the kiddos.

We made these last year, and will do some more.
But I need LOTS more.

I want this just cause its COOL
Love those gnomes.


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