Monday, February 14, 2011

::harry potter brick wall::

My friend Hannah and her family was over for dinner the other day.
She mentioned that she wanted to have a party for her son the next week.
We came up with a Harry Potter theme, and since I was still off work I could help her put it together.   
We needed a brick wall to walk through, like Harry does at Kings Cross Station.
I got the idea from here.  This link sends you to a WONDERFUL harry potter birthday blog.  Full of wonderful ideas.  Can't wait till I get to have this party for Max. 

Hannah bought a light brownish gray 84" curtain panel.
Then she got a large sponge and I picked up a paint sample of brick colored paint.
Total cost - $15

Since the weather is so bad I had to do this inside.
I taped down two trash bags and laid the curtain over them.

I mixed the paint with water to make it go further.
If you wanted to do it with out the water it would take at least a quart or more of paint.

I bought two yard sticks for 69 cent each and used them to try and keep my grid even.
(I am going to use these yard sticks to make a letter for my alphabet wall soon.)

The kids loved it!
I think it was a fun detail.  


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