Friday, February 4, 2011

::the start of the alphabet wall::

This photo comes from here.

I like it.  All the multi media appeals to me.  
I am going to build one in the play room.

I took a little cash and went to Hobby Lobby.
I got these to alter and play with.

And these to use as is. 

I like the texture.  

And the price worked for me. 

And I knew just what I wanted to do to this U.

I wrapped the ends in yarn and tape.

Then wrapped over them with yarn.
Now what will I do to R and G.
I might leave R.  I love that craft paper look.
But G needs something cool.  
Like sprayed with silver paint?

Ideas for future letters:
E or Z - made out of old rules
F - from a wrench
O - an old Beatles record
i- lower case with half a tennis ball as the dot
M - made out of Pez holders
L- made out of fallen timber

What idea's do you guys have?  What can make non-traditional letters? 




  1. I saw that picture somewhere, too. And I also love it! I just don't have the wall space for it I dont think. I do want to do a collage wall though. And I have letters for each of our names that I have collected over the years. Been thinking about doing a little jumble of our letters. Not sure yet.

    Love the rainbow letter!

  2. LOVE THE U! OH & the P..i want to do this on a wall in my childcare! great ideas!

  3. Cover the G with glitter or something less messy with a glitter effect

  4. Do you need an A? I bought one when I was convinced I was having a girl and naming her Avery. Yeah...didn't happen. If you want to, you can go search my blog for the nursery pics and see it hanging on the wall. I'd be happy to send it to you if you want it.



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