Tuesday, February 8, 2011

::i bought the lockers::

Here  is the craigs list picture that started my brain whirling.
Don't they just scream to be mine?
Maybe I talked grandma into buying them for Max for his birthday.
See his room plan here.
Getting wheeled out of the adorable shop they were in.  

 Loaded right up. Perfect fit.
What cute a town.  

Max had to move to the front seat.  He liked it.

And he liked the candy I let him buy at the shop.  

The laundry basket was still in the car from the mornings Goodwill drop.
Well worn velcro chucks, a wubby, and Mickey Mouse socks.
Something I will always remember.

 I love this picture.
His mouth is so perfect.  

That night Josh and I unloaded the lockers and got them in Max's room.  Love the dark red!  Love the lockers.  I am so excited to make the shelves for them and actually use them.
And get all his baby stuff out of there. 

Cost was $125, but since they were a gift, my cost was ZERO!


  1. love it! we have a set of blue lockers in our garage and i've been itching to get then in the kids toy room for a while....maybe this is inspiration for me to actually do it! :o)

  2. I'm jealous! The red is pretty much the perfect shade. And fit right into the little guy's room so well!



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