Saturday, February 12, 2011

::Lily's room reorganized::

This is what the girls room looked like the other morning.
Sometimes things get away from me a bit (a lot)

Here is how it look now.
Emma almost never spends the night so I turned her bed into a day bed/couch

I plan to add more pillows as budget allows
(Just got a $5 body pillow at the store today for it)

I moved the bookcases and recorganized them.  

Love the colors.

I totally cleaned out the closet.
Looks so much better.


Then I picked up a tension rod to make a clothes rod for the American Girl Dolls dresses.

I think this will really help Lily stay organized.  


  1. classic brookie DoF. love the colors. just learned that tip about bins in closets to organize. girls room looks great!

  2. Do you ever feel like it never ends? Room by room I organize and by the time they are all done...I have to start all over again. Great job by the way :)

  3. I love it! Good job and I know that was a lot of work on you but it turned out great. Maybe you could come help reorganize Layton's room when you are done with the shorties...I will pay you (I just had to say it!) Love ya.

  4. Good job and I love your solution on corralling all those dollclothes. I constantly find my daughters dollclothes all over the floor. I got to look into doing something like this for them too.
    Thank you for sharing.



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