Wednesday, February 23, 2011

::16 week countdown::

Things are going well.  I am settling in at work and getting on track.  I had a great talk with my boss and feel that there is a nice future available for me still.  I am hopefully optimistic.  It has also been amazing how many people at work have come up to me and told me about their own miscarriages.  They all lived and moved on and that makes me even more hopefully.  I felt like such a freak.  98% of miscarriages happen before week 12 and I just need to know it does happen to other people.  And I have met several.  It gives me such calm.   

This all that said - I want to scream from the tree tops how EXCITED I am to get pregnant again.  If I get pregnant on our first try (which would be the fourth time that would have happened) I am about 16 weeks out from starting again.  16 weeks from trying to get pregnant again.  I can't wait.  I am really pumped up to fall in love with another plus sign on a stick.  

Till then I really want to focus on my weight loss and increase my healthy living.  I am trucking along on my diet and exercise - down 12 pounds already.  I think in 16 weeks I can loose 25-30 more pounds.  It will be so wonderful to not go through this next pregnancy overweight.  Healthier for me and for baby 4.5

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